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The Carbon Footprint of single use glass
wine bottles in the UK so far this year

WTAF? It's time for the wine industry to take an alternative approach to packaging

It is an open secret in the wine industry that the only way to make a significant step towards sustainability in wine is to move away from glass bottles. Until recently, there wasn't anything being done about it, so a group of like-minded wine brands have formed an alliance "Wine Traders For Alternative Formats" (WTAF) to tackle the issue.

The group is on a mission to help reduce the carbon footprint of wine industry through eco-friendly innovations such as alternative format packaging, innovative recycling schemes, sustainably made wines, carbon life-cycle assessments and reforestation schemes.

WTAF founding members are BIB Wine, Canned Wine Co, Copper Crew, Graft Wine Company, More Wine and When in Rome Wine, a vanguard of the new wave of wine companies, who believe the biggest change they can make in wine is to reach for something other than a bottle.

In addition, WTAF are excited to have added some incredibly innovative new companies to the members list - Le Grappin, Kiss of Wine, Cantina Goccia, Sustainable Wine Solutions, The English Vine, Vinca Wine and Weino BIB have joined the alliance.

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